KRB Consulting + Coaching partners with leaders, teams, and organizations to bolster their capacity to align people, purpose and planning for impact and transformation. As a life-long nonprofit practitioner and capacity builder, I bring a holistic perspective to my practice, informed by my experiences as an executive director, manager, board chair, consultant, philanthropist, volunteer, and coach. My strength’s-based, systems-informed approach centers on building capacity within organizations and the individuals and teams that give them life. Like ripples in a pond, my training and experience recognize the interconnected nature of leading self, teams, organizations and systems. I bring an understanding and analysis of power and privilege and how we are impacted by the interlocking systems within which we lead and live.

We will design an approach that meets you where you are, tailoring the approach to your needs and the stage and structure of your organization and development. I am committed to creating inclusive, safe, and just relationships and spaces. My promise is to show up fully rooted in an open-hearted, creative, non-judgmental, and compassionate presence.

Work in the social sector rarely falls into neat buckets – the categories listed below provide a starting place for our work together. I am careful to partner with clients that are a good match and you can count on my full attention when we work together!

Organizational Change + Culture

How do you operationalize your organizational and DEIJ values? What actions and behaviors could you put into practice to improve your teams and culture?

You have a big vision and goals for change in the world AND how you accomplish them relies on your most valuable asset – your people. How will you tend to and invest in leadership, board and staff so they are excited to show up for the mission everyday?

As legendary management consultant and writer Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Every team and organization has a culture, but not all cultures are developed intentionally. It can be seen in how decisions are made, how feedback is given and received, how conflict is managed, how mistakes are handled and relationships repaired. Organizational change in response to the complex and dynamic nature of the world is a constant.

We will work with you to co-create the right mix of leadership and team development, management skill-building, and board development activities to accomplish your organizational transformation goals. This could include a combination of trainings, individual and group coaching, and facilitated work sessions.

Sample learning modules to support change efforts have included:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Situational Leadership and Sponsorship
  • Leading High Performing and Inclusive Teams
  • Power and Influence
  • Navigating Hard Conversations
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Equitable Decision-making and Accountability
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Polarity Management
  • Change and Transition Management

Executive + Leadership Coaching

What is possible when you have space to bring awareness to what matters most and re-align with your values? What do you need to lead with wise action?

Leadership is an ongoing practice that requires slowing down and finding time for reflection and deeper discernment. Change in the world is not possible without tending to the inner work of leadership.

We will work together through a series of coaching sessions to develop and support ways of being and doing that are in alignment with your greater purpose and goals. I will walk alongside you in your journey as an asker of powerful questions, witness, thought partner, co-creator, and compassionate accountability buddy. An optional, research-based 360-degree assessment tool may be utilized to ground the coaching in real-time perceptions and feedback direct reports, peers, bosses, and community partners.

Vision + Strategy

What change will your organization make in the world and why? How will you know when you have succeeded?

Whether you are looking to do strategic planning, develop a theory of change, prepare for a leadership transition, or grow or innovate your programs, these are important organizational moments for meaningful reflection, to build a shared understanding of purpose and strategy, and to engage in critical conversations so that you can achieve greater mission impact.

We will facilitate sessions with your leadership team, staff, board and community partners to discern key inquiries, gather data, make meaning, and develop an actionable plan for change.


What difficult conversations do you need to have to advance your impact?

You know what the most important discussions are for your organization, executive leadership team, and board to be having. We’ll partner with you to create safe, inclusive, and just spaces to have generative conversations that lead to outcomes. As an outside facilitator, I design and facilitate interactive meetings and retreats that lead to insights, learning, and the needed energy for change as your team solves problems, generates new ideas, and plans for the future. As a result, you will make better decisions to advance your work.

Learn from the people, plan with the people, begin with what they know, build on what they are doing. Of the best leaders, when the task is accomplished, the people will say we have done it ourselves.

Sound like a good fit?

I would love to hear more about your needs and explore how we can work together.